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Top 5 Best Yoga Mat For Big Guys | Buyer's Guide & Review

Looking For The Best Yoga Mat For Big Guys?

Here’s a look at our favorites, including our top pick – the Square36 Large YOGA Mat.

#1 Best Yoga Mat For Big Guys


Yoga is an excellent form of exercise that’s designed to strengthen your body, mind, and soul, but it can be tough to enjoy all of those benefits when you’re a big guy that barely fits on a yoga mat. Trying to concentrate while you’re slipping all over the place definitely hampers the experience, and that “trick” where you try to supplement the mat with bunched up yoga towels just makes it worse.

If you’re a big guy, you need a mat that’s got enough length and span to fit your body for every pose, with enough density and grip to keep you comfortable and steady.


What to look for in a yoga mat for big guys

As you’re looking around for the best yoga mat that’ll match your size, here are a few tips on what features you’ll want in a good yoga mat:

  • Height – generally speaking, big guys do best with a mat that’s at least 72-inches tall.
  • Width – measure your shoulder span to determine how wide your mat should be. The standard width for large mats is about 25-inches, but you can get up to 36-inches if you need the extra room. We’ll also talk about an option that’s 72-inches wide if you’re looking for maximum width.
  • Density – big guys usually need a minimum thickness of at least ¼-inches. If you have problems with joint pain, you may want to look at a mat that’s ½-inches thick for a little extra cushion.
  • Material – avoid budget mats that use cheap foam and toxic materials. Look for high-quality materials that are resistant to tears and scratches and have antimicrobial properties to protect against bacteria buildup.


Square36 Large YOGA Mat

Best Square36 yoga mat for big guys

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If you’re looking for an extra-wide yoga mat, I’d recommend the Square36 Large Yoga Mat. It’s a 72” x 72” square, so it’s got plenty of space for big guys. The mat also offers a double-thick ½-inch density that provides ample cushion for your joints and muscles, so it’s a great choice for anybody with back pain, knee problems, and joint pain.

The company doesn’t recommend using shoes with this particular mat, though, so while it’s an ideal choice for yoga and stretching it may not stand up to the wear-and-tear of cardio workouts with shoes. That said, it’s plenty durable when you use it properly with bare feet.


  • Extra wide 72” x 72” yoga mat
  • ½-inch thickness is ideal for those with back pain, knee problems, and joint pain
  • Intended for barefoot use


Clever Yoga BetterGrip Yoga Mat

Best Clever yoga mat for big guys

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The BetterGrip Yoga Mat is designed to provide you with as much comfort as possible while you’re stretching and exercising. The extra-thick ¼-inch mat hits the sweet spot between providing protection and comfort for your joints without compromising support or stability. Both sides have a grippy non-slip surface, so it’s an ideal choice for use on hardwood floors and it’ll prevent your hands and feet from slipping out of position in any pose.

It’s constructed with anti-wear materials that won’t rip, shred, or stretch with extended use, and the closed-cell surface locks out dirt, germs, and moisture to keep odors and bacteria off the mat. The mat is 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly, made with a recyclable TPE foam that’s free from PVC, latex, silicone, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals.


  • Size: 72” x 25 ¼”
  • ¼-inch thick high-density padding to alleviate sore knees
  • Masculine color options for men
  • Includes a free carrying strap
  • Reversible non-slip BetterGrip surfaces
  • Eco-friendly recyclable TPE foam that’s free from PVC, latex, silicone, & phthalates
  • Won’t rip, shred, or stretch
  • Closed-cell surface locks out dirt, germs, and moisture to fight odors and bacteria


Yoga Accessories Deluxe Yoga Mat

Best YogaAccessories mat for big guys

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If you’re over 6-feet tall, take a look at this Deluxe Yoga Mat from Yoga Accessories. While the average XL mat is 72-inches, this mat is actually the tallest on the market with a span of 84-inches (7 feet). It’s wider than average, too, with a 36-inch span from side-to-side. That’s more than enough room to comfortably extend for poses like the reclining pigeon, no matter how tall you are.

The luxurious ¼-inch cushion has greater density and rebound than a ½-inch mat, and it has an anti-tear and scratch-resistant finish to endure years of use. The mat also uses a proprietary combination of open- and closed-cell materials to provide the perfect mixture of sweat absorption and joint-saving density.


  • Tallest mat on the market at 84” x 36”
  • Luxurious ¼-inch cushion
  • Anti-tear and scratch-resistant finish
  • Textured non-slip grip
  • 100% non-toxic with no phthalates, latex, or heavy metals


DAWAY Professional TPE Yoga Mat

Best DAWAY yoga mat for big guys

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The DAWAY Professional TPE Yoga Mat is constructed with high-density recyclable TPE material that’s non-toxic with no PVC, latex, or harmful chemicals. It’s resistant to wear and tear but still soft and elastic enough to project your joints.

The mat offers a body alignment system that’s intended to help you focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position. Thanks to the double-sided non-slip surfaces, the mat does a good job of sticking to the floor and providing traction for your hands and feet.


  • Size: 72” x 26”
  • Made with high-density recyclable TPE material
  • Provides a body alignment system for proper positioning
  • Double sided non-slip surfaces with special laser engraving texture
  • Moisture-resistant surface is easy to wash with soap and water
  • Includes carrying strap
  • 1 Year warranty


Basically Perfect Cork Yoga Mat

Best BASICALLY PERFECT yoga mat for big guys

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If you’re looking for a unique solution that provides maximum comfort, I’d highly recommend the Cork Yoga Mat by Basically Perfect. According to the reviews, the combination of natural rubber and cork grounds your hands and feet like you’ve never felt before.

The materials also offer a superior grip with unrivaled stability, as the non-slip cork becomes grippier with heat and sweat. The premium cork material is fused with durable, high-density tree rubber through a special high temperature bonding process without the use of adhesives and harsh chemicals, so it’s 100% non-toxic and guarantees against chipping. The mat is also self-sanitizing, as cork is naturally antimicrobial, so you’ll always enjoy an earthly fresh scent with no mold, bacteria, or dust.


  • Size: 72” x 24”
  • Made from 100% natural, sustainably-sourced premium cork and high-density tree rubber
  • Non-toxic with no PVC, TPE, foam, adhesives, or harsh chemicals
  • Non-slip cork gets grippier with heat and sweat
  • Self-sanitizing thanks to cork’s antimicrobial properties
  • Recyclable and biodegradable



The big differentiator here is going to be your preference regarding the width of your mat. If you’re content with a standard width of about 2 feet, then the Clever Yoga BetterGrip Yoga Mat, the Basically Perfect Cork Yoga Mat, and the DAWAY Professional TPE Yoga Mat are all good choices.

If you need a little more space, try the Yoga Accessories Deluxe Yoga Mat with a width of 36-inches. And if you need maximum space, go with the Square36 Large Yoga Mat for the full 72” x 72” experience.